Wailer of Grief - The Book

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Wailer of Grief

Warning: This book could be dangerous for your very soul! Our hero travels the world to find a cure for an insidious disease.

The story starts at near completion when our present day hero meets a lost love in Istanbul. It is here that he relates his incredible and bizarre journey along the road to self discovery. Things really heat up when he meets a mystic who channels an entity with Torette's and teaches him some strange tools to unlock the ravages of disease that leads to a past life embodiment during the violence of the middle ages.

The multiple story lines build to a climatic ending where all the pieces of the puzzle come together with a twist that will leave the reader with their heart in their throat and tears in their eyes when they recognize that everything is not as it appears to be.

That ever thin line between reality and fantasy will never appear solid again after reading this.


"Whilst reading my body started to twitch and then I was on the floor having some weird episode. After that I had a very different connection with my body. A lightness and ease that has dynamically changed my life. And I though it was jst going o be a nice read to pass the time. Boy was I wrong!" FS

"I read the testimonial of the book and thought I would give it a shot. To be truthful I thought the testimonial was a bit of a hoax. Well, during one part of the book I started to get really hot. Like I had a fever. I have had problems with body for many years, after reading this I have a totally diifferent appreciation for my body and certainly lots more energy. Thanks Liam!" ST