Curing the Incurable

The Journey

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"Mr Phillips we need to take a blood sample from your artery before we let you eat." said the Doctor with a very concerned expression on his face.

These were the words I heard as they wheeled me in to intensive care. I was less than 40 Kg and had lost massive amounts blood from a disease that was literally eating me from the inside out.

Later on I found out why they had to take a blood sample from my artery. When the prisoners from Austwich were rescued by the Allies, the soldiers were so shocked by the site of the terribly Mal-nutrished inmates that they gave them all of their rations. For some of the inmates this was too much for their weak bodies to handle and they died. They had to check that my body could actually assimilate food.

Before this I had spent three years on my back in bed and was wasting away and just before I entered the hospital I was at a health farm trying one last desperate attempt to cure the disease. i had tried everything before this with no permanent result. The Doctor had been called as I had not responded to any of the therapy. He talked to both my wife and I and basically told us that I had about 24 hours before all my organs would shut down , I would go into a coma and die.

My wife and I cried and laughed and cried  again, and amongst the tears she said "Liam, you have a choice. You can stay here and die or you can choose to live and go to hospital. It's your choice. If you choose to go I am leaving now and if you choose to stay I will do everything I can to assist you."

More tears, more laughs. And then I chose. When I chose everything changed. The drama and the emotional pain seemed to vanish and my body immediately relaxed, and there was a lightness of being that I had not had in many years.

My wife had given me a powerful tool called choice. And my journey started then and there to create a differnt way to create ease from disease. I soon realised that no matter the modality you use to heal first you have to choose to live. With out that choice no amount of diet, therapy, medication, surgery or meditation will work.

I would like to invite you to explore the tools and processes that I used and still use today to create more ease with your body, your life and maybe just change disease... Let's start your journey now as I ask you a question "What are you going to choose today?"