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In 2004 Liam was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Ulcerated Colitis that took him on a journey (often to the toilet, sometimes exceeding 20 times day) from his death bed to a life of creativity and fun.

At a weight of less than 50 Kg, a large bag bursting with medication and a lunch box of specially prepared meals he dragged his body to England to say a final farewell to family. It was there after two years of pain, suffering and gory that he found Access. With in three weeks of receiving a body session called the “Bars” and using simple Access tools that his body started a miraculous change.

This is an easy read, filled with humour, tons of easy to use tools and insights based on real, every day events. This book is unlike any other you have read on healing.It provides no answer, form or structure. What it does ask is a lot of questions to help you overcome the limitations of your mind and provide you with tools to do this. This book has the potential to change anybody whether in dis-ease or not and provide insights for parents, carers and professionals alike.

Back from the brink Liam is choosing to relate this miracle of consciousness to others with the aim of providing assistance to those who are willing and ready to change their life of disease to a life of ease, joy and glory.


"Just wanted to let you know about a joy I have observed this last week with my mum.  I have on several occasions offered her your website, free mp3, info on your classes etc as she has several things going on with her body that the docs are unable to confirm the cause of.  Each time I have offered she has dismissed in a “Thanks for offering but no” way.  Last weekend Mum, my sister and I had a girls weekend away with books and yummy food.  I had taken your book as one of my options and pulled out my pile and sat down on the couch next to her and picked up the top one leaving “Curing the Incurable” next on the pile and facing her way.  Mum looked at it and said “And how did THIS get here???” Anyway to cut a long story short she picked it up and started reading.  She didn’t put it down all weekend and was nearly finished and asked to take it home.  Saw her again this weekend and she was just finishing it for the second time.  She has really connected with and related to it and is using the tools.  She has already started seeing changes in her body.  How does it get any better than this?  Much much gratitude to you for sharing in your book and opening up new possibilities for people like my mum." M.E - New Zealand

"Although I have no major physical problems like you had when you started your journey, I often felt unhappy and uncomfortable with my body. After reading Curing the Incurable, I realized that my body loves me and I should love it unconditionally. I listen for it to tell me things now. What a novel idea! I haven't been able to do the bars and access training yet, but can see the joy and freedom that will add to what you teach about the physical." T.L - USA


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