Five Elements of Healing - The Book

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How the five elements of healing came about.

My editor, Carrie Butler, asked me how the five elements of healing came about, which was a great question. When I went to answer it I was a bit stuck because it just sort of happened, but then I started to ask more questions and an awareness popped up that was totally unexpected.

Years ago there was a video called 'The Secret' and on the video was a woman that had cured (from memory) cancer using gratitude.  How fantastic is that! Never one just to accept something I asked what else was possible and over the years I chose this stuff called Access and I heard Gary Douglas, the founder, talk about the five elements of relationship. Of course one of those elements was gratitude which matched the energy of what I already knew from the other video and my experience of gratitude in the hospital when I almost died. Putting all this together I became aware that there was more to gratitude than just being thankful to your disease or to the people that worked on you, that it was imperative to have gratitude for you and your body as well.

Hence I began a journey of questions and choices that uncovered so much more about being gratitude and the five elements of healing was born. I do hope this will inspire you to step forward into the infinite possibilities and start to make different choices that will provide you with more awareness of what is true for you! And as I love to say: What else is possible?

The 5 elements are:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Vulnerability
  3. Allowance
  4. Honour
  5. Trust