Curing the incurable has nothing to do with vitamin c

energyCuring the incurable has nothing to do with vitamin c, radiation treatment, juices, diets, meditation or another form of medical or alternative therapy.

Curing the incurable is about you, the individual that you be. To cure or change anything you have to first recognise that you are the cure!

I am not making these statements to make any of these modalities wrong. Far from it. They are all amazing and I truly hope you find something that that helps you change the disease that is gong on in your body.

I have researched many  stories about curing the incurable and all of them have one thing in common: The person makes a demand that something has to change. When they do that some pretty amazing things show up!

It’s my wish for you that if you would like to cure a disease then you find what is in you that allows  the universe to bring to you what you and your body need to change that.

For some it is a relationship change, for some it will be a diet, others medication and some meditation. What ever you chose is totally ok! Even if you choose to die, that is ok too. It is a form of cure.

What if disease was not a wrongness but a creation?  A creation can always be changed but it has to start with you, it has to start with the choice. A choice does not have to be fighting, it can be easy, it can be easy demand , what ever it takes I will change this! Try it, what do you have to loose? The disease?

No amount of vitamin c or radiation treatment will change anything unless you are willing to choose to live. Folks, it comes down to this Choose or die.

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