Curing the Incurable

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Curing the Incurable

Curing the incurable is about choice. What if you had a choice in front of you right now. On one hand you can believe that life is hard and that the body succumbs to disease, that you have to believe what others say without question. And on the other hand you have the choice of a life that was full of ease, that disease may be some sort of awareness, that you don’t have to believe what other people tell you. Which is lighter for you? What if you were to be you, know matter what. What would that create?

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“I was around when Liam was knocking on Heavens door. I reckon this is the reply he got: ‘We’re not ready for you yet, in fact there are heaps of people we’re not ready for yet. Why don’t you grab this toolbox, use it to heal yourself, then share it around. That would certainly help to lighten our workload.’ This book contains that toolbox Thank you, Liam for sharing it.” Yakov Morris

Many people think that if they can find a cure or the cause that they can change the disease. What if you were the cure and you created the disease? What if you could have access to tools and processes that would add to your life and change what is not working for you and your body?

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